New Shoes Day!

Before I can get my new shoes, however, I must do a couple of things for work. I have to draft a couple of letters and draft a paragraph or two about some programming efforts to see if we can qualify for grant funding.

After that, I shall go and get my Vibram Five Fingers. And then I’ll go make up my run from yesterday. :o)

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Course Map!!!

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Course Map!!!

Snow is slowing…

…which means I will likely have to go to work tonight at the store. But no bother–if it’s clear enough for me to work at the store, hopefully it will be clear enough when I get out to go for a run at the gym!

Is it bad that I’m thinking that way? Probably not bad, but possibly sick.

Spent a good chunk of the afternoon chopping up old Runner’s World issues for recipes, workouts, and bits of inspiration–for both my training diary and my inspiration wall (which is in desperate need of a makeover).

Steps to Snow Day Productivity…

Because I am who I am and I’m wired how I’m wired, I have to make the most of a day at home. So…in effort to slow down my productivity, I’m going to tell you how to be productive. :o)

  1. Dress for success–this means two things for me–I can NOT wear pajama pants and I have to wear shoes. If I stay in pajamas I will do nothing. If I’m not wearing shoes, I’m not getting anything done because it doesn’t feel like I have to.
  2. Make a list–I have to have a specific list. Without a plan I won’t do anything. When confronted with too many options, there’s no urgency. And I make my list specific. I like to cross things off. If I’m too general I feel like I can get by with doing less.
  3. Coffee–I have to have a lot of coffee. :o)

Things that hinder productivity:

  1. The internet–it’s just so interesting! There’s so much to read, comment on and learn! So many games to play!
  2. The fuzzy cat–He’s ridiculously adorable. Ridiculous. Fuzzy kitties beg for pettings and lovinzes. Very hard to resist. Seriously. Tell me you could resist this:

Okay, guess I should go be productive now. *sigh*

There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity.

Matt Young

[appropriate given my realization that going anywhere I didn’t absolutely have to would be stupid today. I’ll be cross-training at and working from home today. If I can get a picture that accurately captures what is going on outside I will post it.]


It’s snowing like crazy here. And it’s supposed to continue through tonight. We’re supposed to get 9-12 inches. It’s a scheduled run day. I woke up trying to decide how hard-core I am.

The answer: I think I’m pretty hardcore.

My plan is to head to the gym and get my run in, then go to work to pick up my to-do list and a few things I can work on at home, then come home.