Race Schedule

2020 Race Schedule

May 2–Flying Pig 5k and 10k (Cincinnati, OH)

May 3–Flying Pig Marathon (Cincinnati, OH)

June 6–Eagle Up Ultra (Canal Fulton, OH)

July 25–Burning River 100 (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

2019 Race Schedule

January 1–Resolution Run 5k (McDonald, PA) 35:05

February 23–Spring Thaw (Allison Park, PA) 1:52:27 – 10 miles

March 16–Shamrock Shuffle Half Marathon (Harmony, PA) 2:36:14

March 24–Mill Creek Distance Classic Half Marathon (Youngstown, OH) 2:30:24

March 30–Two Rivers Marathon (Lackawaxen, PA) 5:38:59

March 31–Two Rivers Half Marathon (Lackawaxen, PA) 2:37:06

May 4–Pittsburgh Marathon 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 34:47

May 5–Pittsburgh Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 5:23:19

May 25–Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon (Wheeling, WV) 2:45:19

May 26–Blossom Time Run (Chagrin Falls, OH) 54:45

June 5–The Big Run 5k (Allison Park, PA) 34:47

June 8–Eagle Up Ultra (Canal Fulton, OH) 100k–17:00:17

June 13–SCRR Flash 5k #1 (Pittsburgh, PA)

July 4–Brentwood Firecracker 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 34:31

July 27–Burning River 50-Miles (Willoughby, OH)  51.4 miles–14:10:26

August 22–SCRR Food Truck 5k (Pittsburgh, PA)

September 15–NOCC Pittsburgh 5k (Allison Park, PA) 31:19

September 22–Apple Festival 5k (Elyria, OH) 29:31

October 13–Penguins 6.6k (Pittsburgh, PA) 48:47

October 19–Buffalo Creek Half Marathon (Cabot, PA) 2:13:54

October 27–Skeleton Run 5k (Amherst, OH) 36:15

November 2–EQT 10-miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:09:30

November 16–Richmond Marathon (Richomond, VA) 5:47:51

November 28–Penton Memorial Turkey Trot 10k (Elyria, OH) 1:13:04

December 31–Harmony Silvester 5k (Harmony,PA)

2018 Race Schedule

January 1–Resolution Run 5k (McDonald, PA) 35:35

February 24–Spring Thaw 10-miler (Allison Park, PA) 1:45:00

March 4–Mill Creek Distance Classic Half Marathon (Youngstown, OH)  2:38:53

April 7–Race for Grace (North Huntingdon, PA)

April 14–Pirates Home Run 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 29:30

April 15–10-Mile Drop (Fairport Harbor, OH) 1:39:45

May 5–Pittsburgh Marathon 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 33:59

May 6–Pittsburgh Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:17:44

May 26–Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic (Wheeling, WV) 2:36:24

May 27–Blossom Time Run (Chagrin Falls, OH) 56:57

June 6–The Big Run 5k (North Park, PA) 32:41

June 9–Shawshank Hustle 7k (Mansfield, OH) 48:50

June 16–Yinzer 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 31:36

June 22–Matchstick Half Marathon (Wadsworth, OH) 2:32:01

July 4–Brentwood Firecracker 5k (Brentwood, PA) 32:55

July 20–Liberty Mile (Pittsburgh, PA) 8:56

August 11–Two Face 10ks -Road & Trail (North Park, PA) Road 1:08:23; Trail 1:42:01

September 2–Steelers 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 32:55

September 22–Fly By 5k (Moon Twp, PA) 33:26

September 30–Great Racek 10k (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:02:16

October 14–Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k (Pittsburgh, PA) 41:55

October 21–Columbus Half Marathon (Columbus, OH) 2:21:04

October 28–Skeleton Run 5k (Amherst, OH) 36:04

November 4–EQT Pittsburgh 10-Miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:54:18

November 10–Bobcat Trail Half Marathon (Athens, OH) 4:10:17

November 22–Penton Memorial Turkey Trot (Elyria, OH) 1:16:53

December 1–A Christmas Story Run 10k (Cleveland, OH) 1:10:10

December 8–Big Foot 20-Miler (Lore City, OH) 2:59:45

December 31–Harmony Silvester 5k (Harmony, PA) 34:55

2017 Race Schedule

January 1–First Day 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 35:09

January 14–Chilly Cheeks 5 miler (Hermitage, PA) 54:42

February 11–Valentine’s Day 15k (Allison Park, PA) 1:51:28

February 25–Spring Thaw 15 miler (Allison Park, PA) 3:19:30

March 5–Mill Creek Distance Classic Half Marathon (Youngstown, OH) 2:34:35

March 11–March Mad Dash 10 miler (Allison Park, PA) 1:59:36

March 25–Just A Short Run 30k (Allison Park, PA) 4:03:52

April 1–ATU 5k (Monroeville, PA) 31:34

April 2–Not Another Polar Vortex 15k (McKeesport, PA) 1:46:14

April 22–Pittsburgh Pirates Home Run 10k (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:05:07

April 23–10-mile Drop (Fairport Harbor, OH) 1:49:41

May 6–Pittsburgh Marathon 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 32:42

May 7–Pittsburgh Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:26:49

May 20–Mars Band on the Run 10k (Mars, PA) 1:12:35

May 27–Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic (Wheeling, WV)  2:41:51

June 4–Youngstown Half Marathon (Youngstown, OH) 2:46:33

June 11–RSD Awareness Half Marathon (Boston, PA) 3:04:55

June 18–Run Between The Suns 12-hour (Titusville, PA)  30k in 6:06:13

July 4–Brentwood Firecracker 5k (Brentwood, PA)  33:52 (chip time; 35:14 gun time)

July 9–Ohio River Trail Council Summer 10k Road Race (Rochester, PA) 1:09:07

July 13–SCRR Flash 5k (The Color Park, Pittsburgh, PA) 36:23

July 15th–Annie’s Run (Pittsburgh, PA)  10 trail miles in 2:36:20

July 28–Liberty Mile (Pittsburgh, PA) 9:45

July 29–Amherst Running Festival 5k (Amherst, OH) 33:24

August 8–SCRR Flash 5k (Eliza Furnace Trail, Pittsburgh, PA) 40:21

August 11–Brookline Breeze 5k (Brookline, PA)  35:42

August 12–P & LE 10 miler (Boston, PA)  2:05:00

September 4–Gatorade-Steelers 5k (Pittsburgh, PA)  33:42

September 24–Richard S Caliguri Great Race 10k (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:15:54

Septbember 30–Fly By 5k (Moon Twp, PA) 32:31

October 5–SCRR Flash 5k: PRs for PR (Pittsburgh, PA)  36:11

October 15–Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k (Pittsburgh, PA)  48:23

October 21–Baltimore Marathon (Baltimore, MD)  6:16:41

October 29–Amherst Skeleton Run 5k (Amherst, OH) 31:29

November 5–EQT Pittsburgh 10-Miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:51:20

November 11–Veteran’s Day 5k (Sandy Lake, PA)  33:13

November 18–Lace Up & Away 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 31:30

November 19–Greenway Trail Half Marathon (Leetonia, OH) 2:47:07

November 23–PNC YMCA Turkey Trot 1-mile fun run (Pittsburgh, PA) 9:30 (unofficial, event is untimed)

November 23–PNC YMCA Turkey Trot 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 33:46

November 23–PNC YMCA Turkey Trot 5-mile (Pittsburgh, PA) 55:13  (Double Gobble combined time 1:28:58)

December 2–A Christmas Story Run 10k (Cleveland, OH) 1:09:13

December 10–Trot for Tots 10k (Oakdale, PA) 1:13:28

December 31–Resolution Run 5k (Hermitage, PA) 37:52

December 31–Harmony Silvester 5k (Harmony, PA) 34:03

2016 Race Schedule

January 1–First Day 5k (Pittsburgh, PA)

February 13–Valentine’s Day 5k (Allison Park, PA)

March 26–Just a Short Run 8.1 Mile (Allison Park, PA)

April 9–Wolfpack 5k (Pittsburgh, PA)

May 1–Pittsburgh Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 3:18:39

June 11–Oakmont 5k (Oakmont, PA)

July 23–Stampede in the Park 5k (Plum, PA)

August 14–Gold Jacket Hall of Fame 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 39:57

September 18–NOCC Pittsburgh 5k (Allison Park, PA)  36:10

September 25–Richard S Caliguiri Great Race 10k (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:10:46

October 1–Fly By 5k (Moon Township, PA)  34:12

October 16–Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k (Pittsburgh, PA)  46:39

October 30–Skeleton Run 5k (Amherst, OH) 34:51

November 6–EQT Pittsburgh 10-miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:52:04

November 24–PNC YMCA Turkey Trot 5-miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 53:52

December 3–A Christmas Story Run 10k (Cleveland, OH) 1:10:41

December 4–Ugly Sweater Run (Cleveland, OH) untimed

December 31–Harmony Silvester 5k (Harmony, PA) 33:04

2015 Race Schedule

May 3–Pittsburgh Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA)

June 20–Run Between The Suns (Titusville, PA)

September 20–NOCC 5k (Allison Park, PA)

October 6–Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6K (Pittsburgh, PA) 54:39

October 25–EQT Pittsburgh 10 miler (Pittsburgh, PA)

November 29–Ugly Sweater Run (Pittsburgh, PA)

2014 Race Schedule

March 15—Shamrock Shuffle Half Marathon (Harmony, PA) 2:59:59

March 29—Just A Short Run 30k (Allison Park, PA) 4:09:41

May 4—Pittsburgh Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 6:02:51

June 14—Dirty Girl Mud Run (Pittsburgh, PA)  untimed, I finished!

June 21—Run Between The Suns (Franklin, PA) 31 miles in 10:42:31

August 23—Baker Trail 50 Miler (Forest County, PA) DNF…made it 11.9 miles on wicked trail terrain.

September 22—Gap Trestles Marathon (Meyersdale, PA) 7:27:34

September 27—Akron Marathon (Akron, OH) 7:03:25

October 5—Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k Run (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:00:21

November 2—EQT Corp Pittsburgh 10 Miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:13:06

2013 Race Schedule

March 9—March Mad Dash 10-miler (Allison Park, PA) 1:59:44

March 30—Just A Short Run Half Marathon (Allison Park, PA) 2:32:08

May 5—Pittsburgh Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:29:56

June 1—Decker’s Creek Half (Morgantown, WV) 2:31:39

June 8—Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) Finished! Event was untimed.

July 4—Brentwood Firecracker 5k (Brentwood, PA) 35:30

July 21—Presque Isle Half Marathon (Erie, PA) 2:54:38

August 17—Biggest Loser Half (Erie, PA) 2:31:08 **RAN EVERY STEP!!**

September 7—Montour Trail Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:33:40

September 8—Ovarian Cancer Walk/Run (Allison Park, PA) 1:11:03

September 29—RSC Great Race 10k (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:15:25

October 6—Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k Run and Family Walk (Pittsburgh, PA) 48:06

October 13—Northern Ohio Half Marathon (Mentor, OH) 2:35:40

October 20—Columbus Marathon (Columbus, OH) 5:43:39

November 3—EQT Corp. Pittsburgh 10-miler (Pittsburgh, PA)  1:55:29

November 10—Marshall Marathon (Huntington, WV)  6:09:04

2012 Race Schedule

May 20—Cleveland Half Marathon (Cleveland, OH) 3:25:27

June 24Shaker 7 Road Race (Enfield, NH) 1:44:28

September 23—Elyria Apple Festival 5k (Elyria, OH) 41:18

September 30—RSC Great Race 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 38:14

October 6—Allison’s Run (Bethany, WV)

2011 Race Schedule

May 15—Pittsburgh Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 3:06:11

June 18—WHBW Run for Empowerment (Burlington, VT) 42:45

June 26—Shaker 7 Road Race (Enfield, NH) 1:38:24