About Me

I am a distance runner, kettlebell swinger, and general fitness enthusiast in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. I’m a Half Fanatic (#4398), Marathon Maniac (#9764), and have completed 3 ultramarathon events (so far… 50k, 50-miles, 100k). I am a NASM certified personal trainer, with Behavior Change and Fitness Nutrition specializations, and a RRCA level 1 certified running coach (if interested in my running coach services, please reach out to [email protected]).

This is my personal blog–full of my own training, running exploits, workouts, feelings, insights and occasionally some other bits of random goodness. I love movies (from really heady intelligent documentaries to lowest common denominator humor and everything in between) and reading (particularly non-fiction). I’m a planner fan–mix of practical with a little decorative thrown in for good measure. I’m a cat mom to Big Head Ted the wondercat. I love my life in my adopted city of Pittsburgh.


All reviews or suggestions are based solely on my opinions and experience. I am not being paid (or even asked) to share my views on anything mentioned in this blog–I just like sharing the things I love and find helpful. If at any time this changes, I will make sure to let you know.