Okay, so this has been a long time coming. A very long time coming. It’s an idea I’ve toyed with for YEARS, something that I thought I’d like to do someday. Well…someday has arrived. This is happening…

National Academy of Sports Medicine–one of the best personal training certification programs in the country. And I’m starting my online classes on Monday. I’m super amped about the “school” portion–I love learning, I’ve always been a good student, and this is an area I’m so interested in that no doubt it will be a breeze. I think this is something I have potential with–while I’m not physically where I’d like to be I’m working on it and making progress, I have a story, a history, I want to help people, and I’m constantly working towards bettering myself. I’m excited about the possibilities. And if not now, when? So I bit the bullet. For the next few months, when I’m not working or training I will be spending a lot of quality time with my new friend:

So that’s my big news of the moment. Expect more as I go along, I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with people. And I’m always open for suggestions from those currently in the business, so feel free to message me any advice, tips or tricks. 🙂