New Week…

This past weekend was not everything that I planned for it to be, but it was good. Restorative. I feel like myself again, even without a clearly defined plan of action. That still needs to happen, I still need to lay out some kind of ultimate plan and direction for where this whole thing is headed, but step one is me focusing on myself. So that’s a good start.

Last week was crazy with my new job. But I really like it. I’m definitely still learning, but I’m getting there. The days pass quickly, too quickly sometimes, but I’m enjoying the hard and constant work. I know that as I get better at it things won’t take me as long and that will be great.

Running is still hard for me right now, physically speaking, but I miss it and I want to get back to it. Which means I simply need to make it a part of the schedule to get out there. I’m also resuming monthly challenges, starting with the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge. I haven’t been as physical lately and I miss it. I need it. So I’m bringing that back.

And I’m finding that I’m getting into this whole planner community thing. I’m an Erin Condren devotee, and I’m getting into decorating and designing them as a means of creative release. I don’t go as hog wild as a lot of people–I can’t see spending upwards of $60 on a planner, then way more on stickers to cover the whole thing up, but I’m liking using some stickers to enhance and denote things, and I’m loving using little mini stamps and washi tape. I got some good deals on a bunch of supplies this weekend, so I think I’m set for awhile. I post my weekly spreads on Instagram, so follow me there if you’re interested in seeing my creations–they’re getting more interesting each week, though I’m definitely what I call a ‘practical planner’–I use my planner for planning so the icons and decorations are functional and have a purpose beyond being cute.

Little things, baby steps, progress. All heading in the right direction.

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