Monday Morning Rambles

Short and sweet today. So excited for this coming weekend’s races, and race Expo. So many running related purchases to be made. On par for a good race as my training runs lately have been lousy, and that is my pattern. Only made it through 4 miles of my scheduled 8 yesterday–calves were locking up and it didn’t feel like the right time to force through it. Lesson learned–I cannot wear the New Balance Zante v3 shoes even for errands. I wore them around on Saturday morning for a bit and apparently even that was too much for my legs. I’ve NEVER had this kind of trouble when changing shoes–I’ve changed brands, styles, etc without issue, but these apparently just don’t work for me. Never fear, I found another pair of New Balance Zante v2 and they should arrive today. I need another pair in the rotation, and I’m going to start breaking in my PGH Brooks shoes too. Hoping I’ll have no issues with those as OMG I love them and have big plans for them.

Need to find some more summer races, and finalize my fall marathon training plan. Super excited for what is taking shape. So much potential, so many big goals to smash and PRs to crush. I can’t wait.

Happy Monday, friends.

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