Marathon Training: Week 7

There’s a longer more emotional post rolling around my brain, but I at least wanted to cover the basics of last week’s training. Attempted to do speedwork again last Monday, but since I’d done my “long” run on Sunday it was a no-go. My hips were not having it. Took a kettlebell class on Tuesday. Wednesday was our usual group run and even though it rained (poured) the whole time it was decent and much needed. We got a double rainbow at the end which was awesome. Thursday was the last Flash 5k and…it did not go well for me. I was not happy with the results or my effort at all. Had a good time hanging out with the runners after the fact, though. Friday and Saturday were rest days, and I did my 12 mile long run on Sunday. Not as fast as I’d hoped, but mentally I was struggling and so I let myself walk more than normal to get through it.

More to come soon. Have a good week, friends.

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