Down with the sickness…

Got a wicked cold that knocked me on my ass for a few days. Wednesday morning I was fine. By the time I left work on Wednesday I was miserable. I called off Thursday AND Friday and finally today I started feeling like myself again. But it’s all good. Ultimately I’ve been so stressed out lately that I desperately needed some recovery time that I clearly was not allowing myself to have. So my body forced me to do it. And I’ll be better off for it.

Spent some time re-evaluating things and (mentally) moving things around this weekend while I was otherwise out of commission. Making some changes, making some plans, making some progress. Slowly working towards my big career change. Putting as much in perspective for our future as possible. Lots of financial planning and such going on in the house these days.

Oh yeah, OUR future. Have I mentioned that I’m engaged? That happened last month. We’re getting married in September. So adding more to my never ending list of stuff to do, but at least its happy and somewhat fun stuff. 

My own training has stalled somewhat, and I have yet to do my race schedule for the year. In part because I’m really only sure of a few races that I even want to do. I’m sure about the Pittsburgh full, Columbus full, the Run Between the Suns endurance event, the Penguins 6.6k, and the EQT 10 miler. Everything else I’m kind of winging and playing by ear. Which at the moment, given everything else going on in my life, feels like the right way to handle it.

Things are starting to come together, though, and that makes me happy. The next few months are going to take a ton of work, focus, and dedication to make everything come together, but I have no doubts that in the end it will be worth it.

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