Check-In: Week 20

Wow…20 weeks ago I started running again, finding myself again. Scale was down another pound and a half this morning, happy about that. Been having a slow running week post race. Not recovery because even though I feel like I raced this race and didn’t just run it, I have a hard time with the idea of recovering from a race. More that I need to set sights on a new goal and come up with a concrete training plan, so I’ve been doing a mile or two to warm up before my kettlebell swings workout. I have a handful of races left for the year, but it’s mostly just fun stuff, I’m not gonna take any of it too seriously.

I used to take time off after the 10-miler. Only ran if the urge struck, but zero plans or pressure, give myself until the start of the new year before I resumed training. At this moment I can’t imagine not running. In fact, we’re shifting some things around at work, so while I still have a crappy schedule (okay, it’s not that bad, could definitely be worse) I’m probably going to be able to start running in the morning again, which makes me super happy. I’m a better runner in the morning, honestly, and I think I’ll be better at work if I can run before instead of looking forward to it all day. And my schedule isn’t actually changing, but the shift in responsibilities will allow me to come in a little bit later (when I’m scheduled to…). This also means that two a days–should I opt to do them–are an option again. I’m not looking forward to snow, or having to clean off my car to head to the gym to run (when that time comes) but my goals are bigger than snow.

Trying to decide how long to keep up the Week # check-ins. We’ll see, I have mixed feelings about giving them up.

Happy weekend. Try to make it a good one.

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