About Me

I am a distance runner, kettlebell swinger, and general fitness enthusiast in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. I’m a Half Fanatic (#4398), Marathon Maniac (#9764), and have completed 50k in a 12-hour endurance trail event. I love kettlebells,  “unconventional” training, and I casually compete in kettlebell BOLT competitions from time to time.

But this blog isn’t ALL about that. What started as a blog about running has evolved into me running with whatever life throws my way. It’s about fitness, food, planning, the ever elusive ‘work-life balance,’ and the way I figure things out and “Make it work.” (If you heard Tim Gunn’s voice say that line you’re probably in the right place!)

When I’m not working or training I’m probably hanging out with my husband and our cats, reading, ‘jamming on my planner,’ watching Netflix, reading, or any of the other things that people do.



All reviews or suggestions are based solely on my opinions and experience. I am not being paid (or even asked) to share my views on anything mentioned in this blog–I just like sharing he things I love and find helpful. If at any time this changes, I will make sure to let you know.