Week 1 Recap

First full week of training in the books and I gotta say I feel really good. Largely stuck to the plan–changed things up for a couple runs, but still ran. The pandemic kinda killed my mojo all of last year, so I’m super proud that I’ve been consistent for the first week of the new year. Starting slow and building back up. This week I’ll pick up the intensity a little–longer strength workouts, getting my speed workout in, pushing myself more especially when I’m on the treadmill.

Virtual Marathon Kickoff was on Saturday and it was the best one ever for me–no crowds, no sensory overload, just my friends (though not all of them), a different route, and goodies mailed to my house. I miss live racing, but I don’t miss hoards of people, getting places hours early just to secure parking, and standing around in the cold waiting. Things will be better this year, I’m confident of that, and I firmly believe that if any organization can pull off a return to live racing marathon weekend this spring it will be P3R. And if it *does* have to be virtual, my friends and I will find a way to make it fun–like we did with EQT.

All building towards the ultras I have planned for this summer. Redemption for the year that wasn’t. A step forward in the larger, grander plan. Last year I got derailed, but this year I go for it.