Shaker 7 Road Race Report

This was such a great event. I decided to do it because someone I met in my Nonprofit Management Certificate program runs it as a fundraiser and she suggested it to me upon hearing about my first half marathon. It was a really well organized event; I’ve been to other smaller races that are not as well managed. I plan to send Dolores a note and let her know that it was great. And it was a fun run. I was nervous about it since it was the first time I’ve done this race, but it went well.

This is a PR for the 7-mile distance for me. I usually come in around 1:45, my last 7-miler was around 1:42, so I was hoping to push it and come in around 1:40. I was ecstatic to come in under that (official time was 1:38:24, my watch time was 1:38:18, either way, I’m thrilled). I was second to last, playing cat and mouse with this awesome older gentleman named Wayne, who I later found out was one of the founding sponsors of the race and in from California to run it. I introduced myself to him after and thanked him for the chase. He smiled and thanked me for giving him someone to run after.

And I won a raffle prize! I never win anything. Today I got this:

Badger Muscle Rub, Foot Balm and 2 Lip Tint & Shimmers. Local Organic products for the win!

Then we came home, had waffles, and I have done very little else. Today has been lovely and full of WIN.