Did I set goals for February? I don’t know as I’m wicked bad at tagging and I lack the patience to go through my archives. So, March then?

March Goals

  • Kiss the 160s good-bye.
  • Step up the cross-training (and by “step up” I mean “actually do”).
  • Stick to 100 push ups/200 sit-ups training.
  • Drink MORE water!
  • Drink LESS seltzer.
  • Actually take my vitamins on a daily basis.
  • Go to all my WW meetings.

So, I have a membership to a very nice gym that is very convenient for me. HOWEVER it doesn’t offer classes. And as I really need to work on getting some cross training in, and I’m not as hardcore as Stacey who is the queen of all things DVD, I really want to take a few classes. So I’m thinking of joining a second gym. Just on a monthly group fitness class membership as I’m not likely to go there for anything else. I’m looking at a Zumba class some friends are also taking and a Kick & Strength class (I’m dying for some cardio kickboxing). So I’m looking into that. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Who am I? Running. Running outside. Two gyms. Really? Me?

2011 is going to be AWESOME! (Running edition)

Goals for 2011:

  1. Pittsburgh Half Marathon!–It’s on! They have my money! I just want to finish, that’s my goal, I’m not going to stress about time (other than beating the cut off). But I’m psyched. I do better with training when I have a goal. And if this goes well, I plan to do the CHAD Hero Half up here in late-summer/fall.
  2. Food.–I don’t eat like a runner-and I don’t run enough (yet)┬áthat I can use running as an excuse to eat. But a half marathon is serious business. I need to step up my game in the food department and actually fuel my body instead of eating whatever is easiest. I know how I should be eating, and what I most certainly should NOT be eating-time for me to stop talking and just do it.
  3. Learn to like running outside.–I actually don’t think this will be that hard. When I was running the ill-fated Turkey Trot I was enjoying the outside running (on a cross country course). The parts of outside running I don’t like are (1) the cold and (2) the pavement. If I run trails (easy to do in my area) and stay on the TM until the weather gets better it shouldn’t be so bad. I’m sure I will eventually even not mind the cold.
  4. PR at the Run for Empowerment 5k.–Again, this shouldn’t be hard, as last year’s race was AWFUL and I’ve only done it twice. I will also have done the half by then, so PRing at this will be a piece of cake.
  5. Run at least 3x per week.–(barring illness or injury) Now, this doesn’t sound like much as there are many of you who run everyday or almost everyday. And I will be running more than 3x per week for much of my training. BUT, when life starts getting crazy, when I’m traveling, etc. running is the first thing to get shifted out of my life. And 3x a week is a manageable amount to shoot for, so I’m going to promise myself that (barring illness or injury) I will run a minimum of 3x a week for the next year.
  6. Keep my training log.–I know that a real training log is a valuable tool. I will keep mine up-to-date for the whole year. I may not post everything online, but I will keep my paper version up-to-date and accurate at the very least.