Race Schedule

2019 Race Schedule

January 1–Resolution Run 5k (McDonald, PA) 35:05

February 23–Spring Thaw (Allison Park, PA) 1:52:27 – 10 miles

March 16–Shamrock Shuffle Half Marathon (Harmony, PA) 2:36:14

March 24–Mill Creek Distance Classic Half Marathon (Youngstown, OH) 2:30:24

March 30–Two Rivers Marathon (Lackawaxen, PA) 5:38:59

March 31–Two Rivers Half Marathon (Lackawaxen, PA) 2:37:06

May 4–Pittsburgh Marathon 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 34:47

May 5–Pittsburgh Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 5:23:19

May 25–Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon (Wheeling, WV) 2:45:19

May 26–Blossom Time Run (Chagrin Falls, OH) 54:45

June 5–The Big Run 5k (Allison Park, PA) 34:47

June 8–Eagle Up Ultra (Canal Fulton, OH) 100k–17:00:17

June 13–SCRR Flash 5k #1 (Pittsburgh, PA)

July 4–Brentwood Firecracker 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 34:31

July 27–Burning River 50-Miles (Willoughby, OH)  51.4 miles–14:10:26

August 22–SCRR Food Truck 5k (Pittsburgh, PA)

September 15–NOCC Pittsburgh 5k (Allison Park, PA) 31:19

September 22–Apple Festival 5k (Elyria, OH) 29:31

October 13–Penguins 6.6k (Pittsburgh, PA) 48:47

October 19–Buffalo Creek Half Marathon (Cabot, PA) 2:13:54

October 27–Skeleton Run 5k (Amherst, OH) 36:15

November 2–EQT 10-miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:09:30

November 16–Richmond Marathon (Richomond, VA) 5:47:51

November 28–Penton Memorial Turkey Trot 10k (Elyria, OH) 1:13:04

2018 Race Schedule

January 1–Resolution Run 5k (McDonald, PA) 35:35

February 24–Spring Thaw 10-miler (Allison Park, PA) 1:45:00

March 4–Mill Creek Distance Classic Half Marathon (Youngstown, OH)  2:38:53

April 7–Race for Grace (North Huntingdon, PA)

April 14–Pirates Home Run 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 29:30

April 15–10-Mile Drop (Fairport Harbor, OH) 1:39:45

May 5–Pittsburgh Marathon 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 33:59

May 6–Pittsburgh Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:17:44

May 26–Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic (Wheeling, WV) 2:36:24

May 27–Blossom Time Run (Chagrin Falls, OH) 56:57

June 6–The Big Run 5k (North Park, PA) 32:41

June 9–Shawshank Hustle 7k (Mansfield, OH) 48:50

June 16–Yinzer 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 31:36

June 22–Matchstick Half Marathon (Wadsworth, OH) 2:32:01

July 4–Brentwood Firecracker 5k (Brentwood, PA) 32:55

July 20–Liberty Mile (Pittsburgh, PA) 8:56

August 11–Two Face 10ks -Road & Trail (North Park, PA) Road 1:08:23; Trail 1:42:01

September 2–Steelers 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 32:55

September 22–Fly By 5k (Moon Twp, PA) 33:26

September 30–Great Racek 10k (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:02:16

October 14–Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k (Pittsburgh, PA) 41:55

October 21–Columbus Half Marathon (Columbus, OH) 2:21:04

October 28–Skeleton Run 5k (Amherst, OH) 36:04

November 4–EQT Pittsburgh 10-Miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:54:18

November 10–Bobcat Trail Half Marathon (Athens, OH) 4:10:17

November 22–Penton Memorial Turkey Trot (Elyria, OH) 1:16:53

December 1–A Christmas Story Run 10k (Cleveland, OH) 1:10:10

December 8–Big Foot 20-Miler (Lore City, OH) 2:59:45

December 31–Harmony Silvester 5k (Harmony, PA) 34:55

2017 Race Schedule

January 1–First Day 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 35:09

January 14–Chilly Cheeks 5 miler (Hermitage, PA) 54:42

February 11–Valentine’s Day 15k (Allison Park, PA) 1:51:28

February 25–Spring Thaw 15 miler (Allison Park, PA) 3:19:30

March 5–Mill Creek Distance Classic Half Marathon (Youngstown, OH) 2:34:35

March 11–March Mad Dash 10 miler (Allison Park, PA) 1:59:36

March 25–Just A Short Run 30k (Allison Park, PA) 4:03:52

April 1–ATU 5k (Monroeville, PA) 31:34

April 2–Not Another Polar Vortex 15k (McKeesport, PA) 1:46:14

April 22–Pittsburgh Pirates Home Run 10k (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:05:07

April 23–10-mile Drop (Fairport Harbor, OH) 1:49:41

May 6–Pittsburgh Marathon 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 32:42

May 7–Pittsburgh Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:26:49

May 20–Mars Band on the Run 10k (Mars, PA) 1:12:35

May 27–Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic (Wheeling, WV)  2:41:51

June 4–Youngstown Half Marathon (Youngstown, OH) 2:46:33

June 11–RSD Awareness Half Marathon (Boston, PA) 3:04:55

June 18–Run Between The Suns 12-hour (Titusville, PA)  30k in 6:06:13

July 4–Brentwood Firecracker 5k (Brentwood, PA)  33:52 (chip time; 35:14 gun time)

July 9–Ohio River Trail Council Summer 10k Road Race (Rochester, PA) 1:09:07

July 13–SCRR Flash 5k (The Color Park, Pittsburgh, PA) 36:23

July 15th–Annie’s Run (Pittsburgh, PA)  10 trail miles in 2:36:20

July 28–Liberty Mile (Pittsburgh, PA) 9:45

July 29–Amherst Running Festival 5k (Amherst, OH) 33:24

August 8–SCRR Flash 5k (Eliza Furnace Trail, Pittsburgh, PA) 40:21

August 11–Brookline Breeze 5k (Brookline, PA)  35:42

August 12–P & LE 10 miler (Boston, PA)  2:05:00

September 4–Gatorade-Steelers 5k (Pittsburgh, PA)  33:42

September 24–Richard S Caliguri Great Race 10k (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:15:54

Septbember 30–Fly By 5k (Moon Twp, PA) 32:31

October 5–SCRR Flash 5k: PRs for PR (Pittsburgh, PA)  36:11

October 15–Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k (Pittsburgh, PA)  48:23

October 21–Baltimore Marathon (Baltimore, MD)  6:16:41

October 29–Amherst Skeleton Run 5k (Amherst, OH) 31:29

November 5–EQT Pittsburgh 10-Miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:51:20

November 11–Veteran’s Day 5k (Sandy Lake, PA)  33:13

November 18–Lace Up & Away 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 31:30

November 19–Greenway Trail Half Marathon (Leetonia, OH) 2:47:07

November 23–PNC YMCA Turkey Trot 1-mile fun run (Pittsburgh, PA) 9:30 (unofficial, event is untimed)

November 23–PNC YMCA Turkey Trot 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 33:46

November 23–PNC YMCA Turkey Trot 5-mile (Pittsburgh, PA) 55:13  (Double Gobble combined time 1:28:58)

December 2–A Christmas Story Run 10k (Cleveland, OH) 1:09:13

December 10–Trot for Tots 10k (Oakdale, PA) 1:13:28

December 31–Resolution Run 5k (Hermitage, PA) 37:52

December 31–Harmony Silvester 5k (Harmony, PA) 34:03

2016 Race Schedule

January 1–First Day 5k (Pittsburgh, PA)

February 13–Valentine’s Day 5k (Allison Park, PA)

March 26–Just a Short Run 8.1 Mile (Allison Park, PA)

April 9–Wolfpack 5k (Pittsburgh, PA)

May 1–Pittsburgh Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 3:18:39

June 11–Oakmont 5k (Oakmont, PA)

July 23–Stampede in the Park 5k (Plum, PA)

August 14–Gold Jacket Hall of Fame 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 39:57

September 18–NOCC Pittsburgh 5k (Allison Park, PA)  36:10

September 25–Richard S Caliguiri Great Race 10k (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:10:46

October 1–Fly By 5k (Moon Township, PA)  34:12

October 16–Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k (Pittsburgh, PA)  46:39

October 30–Skeleton Run 5k (Amherst, OH) 34:51

November 6–EQT Pittsburgh 10-miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:52:04

November 24–PNC YMCA Turkey Trot 5-miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 53:52

December 3–A Christmas Story Run 10k (Cleveland, OH) 1:10:41

December 4–Ugly Sweater Run (Cleveland, OH) untimed

December 31–Harmony Silvester 5k (Harmony, PA) 33:04

2015 Race Schedule

May 3–Pittsburgh Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA)

June 20–Run Between The Suns (Titusville, PA)

September 20–NOCC 5k (Allison Park, PA)

October 6–Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6K (Pittsburgh, PA) 54:39

October 25–EQT Pittsburgh 10 miler (Pittsburgh, PA)

November 29–Ugly Sweater Run (Pittsburgh, PA)

2014 Race Schedule

March 15—Shamrock Shuffle Half Marathon (Harmony, PA) 2:59:59

March 29—Just A Short Run 30k (Allison Park, PA) 4:09:41

May 4—Pittsburgh Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 6:02:51

June 14—Dirty Girl Mud Run (Pittsburgh, PA)  untimed, I finished!

June 21—Run Between The Suns (Franklin, PA) 31 miles in 10:42:31

August 23—Baker Trail 50 Miler (Forest County, PA) DNF…made it 11.9 miles on wicked trail terrain.

September 22—Gap Trestles Marathon (Meyersdale, PA) 7:27:34

September 27—Akron Marathon (Akron, OH) 7:03:25

October 5—Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k Run (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:00:21

November 2—EQT Corp Pittsburgh 10 Miler (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:13:06

2013 Race Schedule

March 9—March Mad Dash 10-miler (Allison Park, PA) 1:59:44

March 30—Just A Short Run Half Marathon (Allison Park, PA) 2:32:08

May 5—Pittsburgh Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:29:56

June 1—Decker’s Creek Half (Morgantown, WV) 2:31:39

June 8—Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) Finished! Event was untimed.

July 4—Brentwood Firecracker 5k (Brentwood, PA) 35:30

July 21—Presque Isle Half Marathon (Erie, PA) 2:54:38

August 17—Biggest Loser Half (Erie, PA) 2:31:08 **RAN EVERY STEP!!**

September 7—Montour Trail Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 2:33:40

September 8—Ovarian Cancer Walk/Run (Allison Park, PA) 1:11:03

September 29—RSC Great Race 10k (Pittsburgh, PA) 1:15:25

October 6—Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k Run and Family Walk (Pittsburgh, PA) 48:06

October 13—Northern Ohio Half Marathon (Mentor, OH) 2:35:40

October 20—Columbus Marathon (Columbus, OH) 5:43:39

November 3—EQT Corp. Pittsburgh 10-miler (Pittsburgh, PA)  1:55:29

November 10—Marshall Marathon (Huntington, WV)  6:09:04

2012 Race Schedule

May 20—Cleveland Half Marathon (Cleveland, OH) 3:25:27

June 24Shaker 7 Road Race (Enfield, NH) 1:44:28

September 23—Elyria Apple Festival 5k (Elyria, OH) 41:18

September 30—RSC Great Race 5k (Pittsburgh, PA) 38:14

October 6—Allison’s Run (Bethany, WV)

2011 Race Schedule

May 15—Pittsburgh Half Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA) 3:06:11

June 18—WHBW Run for Empowerment (Burlington, VT) 42:45

June 26—Shaker 7 Road Race (Enfield, NH) 1:38:24