Hello again…

It’s been awhile since I blogged. What started as my running blog fell apart a bit when running started to fall apart for me. I’ve struggled with IT band issues for the past couple of years which has put a huge damper on my running. ThenĀ I met the love of my life, and got married, and changed jobs, and tried new things. Along the way I’ve noticed a couple of things…(1) this whole idea of ‘running with it’ was never just about the literal running, its about running with what life throws at you, so shying away because I haven’t been running as much in the literal sense was silly, and (2) I’ve missed blogging and putting it out there and connecting with people. So I’m starting fresh with a new website, and a new outlook. This will still be about running, yes, but also about the other ‘stuff’ of life. Running, kettlebell, food, married life, planning (I’m obsessed with my Erin Condren Life Planner), balance, and whatever else comes my way. I’m looking forward to sharing my life hacks, tips, tricks, mistakes, trials, flat out failures, etc. and figuring it out.

Currently the Race Schedule page is up. I’ll be working on moving Archives over (when I can figure out how to do it). Until then old posts can still be found at emmerunswithit.tumblr.com.

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