Happy Weekend Times!

Hello Friends! It’s finally Friday! I have a half day at work, I get to wear jeans, and it’s Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend! I’m leaving early to go to the Expo today because I’m racing both days–finally broke down and decided to do the Steel Challenge, 5k on Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday. The weather is looking to be disgusting, but I really don’t care. I hate running in the rain, but I love running through Pittsburgh, and I’ve been training for this for months. Plus, I’m not a huge weather stalker, so while I get that it isn’t likely to change at this point in the game, I also don’t believe forecasts too far ahead because they inevitably change. So I’ll take this in stride and deal with whatever is thrown at me.

I’m all about that Expo though. Love it. Excited to drop some cash on running stuff, because running. I usually don’t get to the Expo until Saturday, and frequently I’m not able to get the sizes I want/need for things because they sell out on the first day–but not this year. I’ll be there within the first two hours of them opening.

More after the weekend’s festivities. Have a good one, friends!

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