Half Marathon freak out time…

Training is going well. I have my last long run–10 miles on Saturday. I did my 7 miles in the rain this morning. My outfit is coming together nicely (black wicking shirt and white iron on letters purchased today) and I even found that I have nail polish that matches my tights (yeah, crazy, I know) so I’m going to go nuts with that next week.

I’m mostly excited, though I’m also nervous. I keep looking at the course closure/sweep times and even though realistically I know I’ll be okay, it still makes me nervous. I know that I’ll have race day excitement & momentum on my side (not to mention other runners, bands, and cheerathoners) and I don’t worry about finishing the distance itself–I know that most training plans don’t have you run the full distance before the race and I know that I can get myself to the finish line because I’m good at finishing distances, I have yet to meet a distance I haven’t been able to conquer (even if I want to die afterwards). I’m just worried about finishing in time.

*breathe* I just need to breathe and relax. I’m not fast, but I’m steady, and I’m sure I’ll feel better after my 10-miler on Saturday when I know for sure how long that takes me (I’m decent at guesstimating, but it’s not the same as having an actual number to work with).

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