Make A Choice Pittsburgh: Workout with Shaun T

So I said last week was kind of a big week. It really was, in a LOT of ways I have barely scratched the surface on. So I had that mini-breakdown but PR on Sunday at the 5k. The week got better from there. Most of you know that I did Insanity at the beginning of the year, and I LOVE me some Shaun T. He’s amazing. He’s motivational, he’s in it with you, and he never got on my nerves. LOVE him. So when I saw that he was coming to town with the Make A Choice… campaign, and that it was FREE, I JUMPED at the chance to go workout with him. I hoped I’d get to meet him, but just to be in his presence for a live workout was going to be amazing. That day was last Thursday. I left work early so I could park and get to the convention center without hassle. They were selling copies of his book, so I bought one. I waited, and waited, and waited, then finally the man came out on stage in all his Shaun T glory, and let me tell you, the workout did not disappoint. I was sore from Tuesday’s class and Wednesday’s run, but I pushed through. The energy was incredible. And then there was a Q&A session–which I had not been expecting, but was glad to be there for. I only taped one question, but I’m sure I’ll need to hear it at some point, so I’m glad I got it. Then…there was a book signing. I had not realized this when I bought the book, but hey, I had a copy of the book in my possession, so of *course* I was going to have him sign it. Well worth standing in line to meet him and say thank you in person (even though they said absolutely no pics with him…too many people it would take too long).

He was amazing. So personable. So kind. So genuine and real. I wasn’t my normal star-struck self, I talked to him. I joked with him. I only got a minute while he signed my book, but man, I got to meet someone I admire and respect so much. It was awesome. And it took me back to how I felt when I finished Insanity (besides freakin’ exhausted…)…I was really proud of myself for having finished it. I’ve crossed a ton of start and finish lines, it isn’t like I’ve never finished something I’ve started. But it was different with this program. I committed and stuck to it. I genuinely liked it. I definitely saw improvements in my fitness level. And it was the perfect set-up to starting a round of Insanity Max 30 (which I did on Monday).

More soon, friends…